Welcome to TRSatsuki.net, my little hub on the internet for all of the things I love and create.

This site is named for my oldest character, Satsuki Summers, who started off as a Team Rocket fan-character back in 1998 and debuted on role-playing forums and starred in original pokemon fanfictions as early as 2001.

Throughout the years though I've changed, she's largley remained the same, but has reflected my growth as a writer and an artist. She's an ode to my continued inspiration from anime and manga aesthetics, an enduring love of messy, dark works exploring sexuality, taboo and violence. She is also a reminder to never lose my inner child, battred and bruised as it may be.

I still write and play this character (and her partner Taylor Winters!) to this day. They and their exploits can be found these days on affiliate TRHQ, or living on as their AU successors in CoSCoN! Feel free to join us all and play along!

I've formally withdrawn from most modern social media these days but I can still be found on the following sites:

This layout's artwork features OG Satsuki and was drawn by Ryuu901 ♥
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