Past Layouts

Just a gallery of old layouts I may accumulate over this site's lifespan. I like to use guest art for many of this site's designs currently and so I'll commemorate them or unique layouts I've enjoyed building here!

Argent Signal
Artwork commissioned by Argent Signal

This one is exceedingly simple and may not look like much, but it was a break through in just getting this website online at all. I'd trapped myself in a sense of perfectionism and creating elaborate labrynthine sites with promoise to create content to populate pages with at later dates, creating a cycle of putting things off and off utill I'd driven myself bonkers, so for this layout I pared it down to the very basics, the only three sites I had web-ready to begin with, a single page giving a run down of the content on my domain and finally my little collection of link banners lovingly pestered from my friends~! And thus, was born!